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my non-profit organization. www.wi-car.com
I want to install wireless electric car charging technology in roads around Vancouver BC.
So that electric cars will become practical due to smaller batteries sizes, and no waiting around for batteries to charge.
20cm wide x 20cm deep paths dug in the road directly under cars. oscillating electro magnetic coils or dipoles installed up hills (since regenerative braking alternator is in effect down the hills), or at intersections. Even an electric recharging lane down a portion of highway 1. super capacitors can be used with batteries for fast charging from smart roads.
This has already been build in some countries around the world like Sweden, Israel, France. I want to collaborate with these organizations and businesses to build in Canada.
I also want to build solar panels in roads to power the wi-cars and back into the grid. Sterling engine heat pumps generators and other alternative energy like ethanol too.
Aswell as hemp bricks and building materials and textiles and paper which reduces carbon by 90%. saves trees

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Build maglev trains instead of new skytrains in vancouver